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About the project

This database includes over 200 printed sources of Scottish fiddle music from before 1850. It omits publications of songs and airs, and because of its bass-led focus, sources without basslines. Most of the sources are substantial printed collections, but the database also includes some of the hundreds of surviving single-sheet publications. Manuscript sources were excluded purely to keep the project to a manageable size at this stage.

Finding the limits of the repertoire to be included was work-in-progress. We began by looking for sources of 'Scottish fiddle music', but the boundaries of this became ever more porous and difficult to define. In the past, Scottish fiddlers were familiar with a more diverse repertoire than our present-day conception of Scottish fiddle music might suggest. Also, the notion of Scottishness in music is difficult to pin down in a period when the notion of a national culture was only gradually taking shape.

Theoretical models for describing and analysing this music are still in their very early stages, so a detailed (or definitive) analysis is both inappropriate and probably impossible. The short notes on the music in each source give

  • a summary of the kind of repertoire it contains
  • some features of the basslines
  • particular points of interest that the research team noted on a brief survey of the contents

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Principal Investigator, project management and editor: David McGuinness
Researcher (post-doctoral), music bibliography & cataloguing: Karen McAulay
Systems Developer, web implementation: Luca Guariento
Co-Investigators, oversight and advice: John Butt, Susan Rankin
PhD student, project development: Barnaby Brown
Research Administrator, School of Culture and Creative Arts, University of Glasgow: Jeanette Berrie


Systems Developers, systems design: Zoltán Kömives, Neil McDermott
music encoding: Karen Marshalsay
MEI and search engine implementation: Andrew Hankinson
HMS.Scot logo design: Ewan McPherson
University of Glasgow Digitisation Centre for photography
University of Glasgow Library Special Collections
Nicola Cowmeadow and the team at AK Bell Library, Perth & Kinross
the staff at all the libraries we visited in Scotland for being endlessly patient and helpful:
go and visit them, they will be pleased to see you!
  • Arts and Humanities Research Council
  • University of Glasgow
  • Royal Conservatoire of Scotland
  • University of Cambridge

initial publication: October 2015

minor corrections: February 2016, May 2017

The material on is available for all non-commercial use. When reproducing or republishing, please credit and the library which holds the original, and provide a link to the page.

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