A Collection of Strathspey Reels
by Niel Gow

Tunes list

  • Dutchess of Athole's Strathspey. (p. 1)
  • Gillie Callum da pheitheir. (p. 1)
  • Earl of Loudoun's Strathspy. (p. 3)
  • Mr Graham of Orchill's Strathspey. (p. 3)
  • Niel Gow's Lamentation for Abercarney. (p. 3)
  • The Lees of Luncartie or Lady Bairds delight. (p. 4)
  • Mr John Shaw Stewart's Strathspey. (p. 4)
  • The Flaggon. (p. 5)
  • Mrs Murray of Abercarney's Strathspey. (p. 5)
  • Lady Charlotte Murray Jig. (p. 6)
  • Major Graham. (p. 6)
  • Mrs Murray of Abercarney's Reel. (p. 6)
  • Mrs Minzies of Culdare's Strathspey. (p. 7)
  • Miss Stewart of Grandtully's Strathspey. (p. 7)
  • Miss Robertson of Tullybelton's Reel. (p. 7)
  • Sir James Baird's Strathspey. (p. 8)
  • Miss Stewart's Reel. (p. 8)
  • The Earl of Haddington's Strathspey. (p. 9)
  • The Caledonian Hunt, by Sir Alexr. Don. Strathspey. (p. 9)
  • Mrs Baird of New Byth Strathspey. (p. 9)
  • The Fife Hunt (p. 10)
  • The Drunken Wives of Fochabers A Strathspey. (p. 10)
  • Delven Side. (p. 11)
  • The Ewe wi' the Croocke'd Horn. (p. 11)
  • The Countess of Eglinton's Strathspey. (p. 12)
  • Sir Alexr. Don's Strathspey. (p. 12)
  • Sir John Whitefoorde's Strathspey. (p. 12)
  • Link him Dodie Strathspey. (p. 13)
  • Lady Helonora Home's Reel. (p. 13)
  • Couties Wedding Strathspey. (p. 13)
  • Watie Laing or the lifting of the Linnen Reel. (p. 14)
  • Mrs Wright of Laton's Strathspey. (p. 14)
  • Duncan Davidson with Variations. (p. 15)
  • Earl of Eglinton's Strathspey. (p. 16)
  • The Fir Trea. (p. 17)
  • Colonel Montgomery's Strathspey. (p. 17)
  • Mr Minzies of Culdare's Reel. (p. 17)
  • Miss Graham of Inchbrakie's Strathspey. (p. 18)
  • Tulloch Gorum. (p. 18)
  • Marquis of Tullibardine's Giga. (p. 18)
  • The Duke of Gordon's Strathspey. (p. 19)
  • He na Boddachin. (p. 19)
  • Ball na grandach or Miss Lucia Campbell's delight. (p. 19)
  • Dunkeld House. (p. 20)
  • Lady Cathrine Stewart's Strathspey. (p. 20)
  • The Wallking of the Plaidding. (p. 21)
  • Nithian a Ghreisich - The Suttor's Daughter. (p. 21)
  • Honble. George Baillie's Strathspey. (p. 21)
  • The Millers Daughter's Strathspey. Old Sett. (p. 22)
  • The Dutchess of Buccleugh's Strathspey. (p. 23)
  • Andrew and his Cuttie Gun (p. 23)
  • Siomen Broddie. (p. 23)
  • The Dutchess of Gordon's Strathspey. (p. 24)
  • The Right Honble. Lord Ballenden's Strathspey. (p. 24)
  • Dunkeld Harmitage Reel. (p. 25)
  • The Marquis of Lorn's Strathspey. (p. 25)
  • Kilecrankie. (p. 26)
  • Mr Charles Sharp of Hoddom's Giga. (p. 26)
  • Mr Murray of Abercarney's Strathspey. (p. 26)
  • The Bridge of Balater. (p. 27)
  • Colonel Wemyss Strathspey. (p. 27)
  • The Dutchess of Hamilton's Strathspey. (p. 27)
  • Yell Yell. (p. 27)
  • Kilrack's Strathspey. (p. 29)
  • Miss Johnston of Hillton's Reel. (p. 29)
  • The Fyket Strathspey. (p. 29)
  • The Countess of Sutherland's Reel. (p. 30)
  • Sir John Stewart of Grandtully's Strathspey. (p. 30)
  • Mrs Fleming of Moness Reel. (p. 30)
  • Mr Robertson of Ludes Strathspey. (p. 31)
  • This is not my ain House Strathspey. (p. 31)
  • Duke of Argyle's Strathspey. (p. 32)
  • Tail Toddle for the Harpsichord and German Flute by Mr Nisbet. (p. 32)
  • The Duke of Atholes Delight. (p. 33)
  • Stumpie Strathspey. (p. 35)
  • Flee Over the Water. (p. 35)
  • Robie donna gorach Daft Robin. (p. 36)
  • Gigg. (p. 36)
  • Copy details


    Edinburgh, Niel Gow


    Butterworth 'script.' (designer of titlepage) Johnson 'sculpt.' (engraver of titlepage)


    Edinburgh, Corri & Sutherland






    A K Bell Library, Perth (GB-P)




    Distinguishing features of this first issue/edition are: 'printed for the author', 'dedicated to the Dutchess of Athole', 'sold by Corri and Sutherland'. Copies sold by Stewart, Corri and Sutherland, by Corri and Dussek, or by Corri, are not the first issue. Later impressions of 1st edition, including those sold by Corri & Sutherland, and by Corri, Dussek & Co., have alterations to the musical text: for example 'The Flaggon' on p.5 includes B flats, as does the 2nd edition. The Corri, Dussek & Co. printing appears to be from very worn plates. The GB-Gm copy, which belonged to Frank Kidson, includes a note that Gow was advertised as publisher in the Scots Magazine for August 1784.

    Copy notes

    Slightly longer subscriber list, and inside cover note, added from Perth Af.28.


    36 p




    34.5 x 25





    Biographical info

    Niel Gow (1727-1807), father of the famous Gow family, lived in Inver near Dunkeld. (Glen 2, viii-xiv; Grove; Alburger; Murdoch, 41-48) Gow's fourth son Nathaniel (1763-1831), violinist and Edinburgh publisher, was perhaps the most famous of the siblings; but his brothers William, John and Andrew also traded in music (John and Andrew in London). Nathaniel's son, Niel Junr., lived 1795-1823.

    Other locations

    GB-P Af.28 (longer subscriber list, and inside cover note included with images of Af.36 as an appendix)
    GB-A Sp.Colls. Lib R f78155(41) Gow Ni c 1
    GB-A Sp.Colls. Lib R f78155(41) Gow Ni c 2
    GB-DUcl 7069
    GB-En Glen 407(1)
    GB-Eu Scott Stud Lib (lacking titlepage, catalogued as Corri: [1784])
    GB-Gm M8790/786.45
    GB-Gu Ca12-y.35 (catalogued as [ca.1800])
    GB-Lbl g.271.l.(1) (lacking subscriber list)
    GB-Lbl h.3870.t.(4) (includes subscriber list)
    GB-Ob Mus.119.c.G.17(1) (Corri & Company, catalogued as [ca.1792])
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