James Knox Manuscript

Location: GB-En

Reference: MS 21717

Date: 1749 - 1764

Size: Folio

Extent: 57 Folios


Music book of James Knox, possibly the James Knox of Nethershields who was factor to the Stuarts of Castlemilk and Torrance. The volume was purchased by the NLS in 1981 and has a modern binding, with the original folios showing considerable signs of wear, with some folios missing sections. As well as the musical items, there are maps and miscellaneous texts, including recipes, descriptions of precious stones, and passages on musical theory.

The musical contents are mostly for scored for solo treble, probably violin, some with bass parts, and with a selection of flute duets, including works by William McGibbon. There are a combination of Scots tunes and dances, minuets, variation sets, works by Knox and other Scottish and European composers, and a selection of works by Arcangelo Corelli, including copies of Corelli’s own ornaments from Roger’s Amsterdam edition of the op 5 violin sonatas, and two otherwise unknown sets of embellishments, one attributed to “Mr Johnson of Dublin”, but bearing a strong resemblance to work by William McGibbon.

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