Taylor, James

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Taylor was a fiddler, composer and music teacher who was born in Elgin, but taught in Fochabers and Banff, then later published A Pastoral Set of Quadrilles as performed by Mr McKenzie's Band (in GB-En), from 36 Union Street, Aberdeen. A contemporary James Taylor also published sacred music in London and Dublin, songs in Norwich and a collection of psalm and hymn tunes in Aberdeen (this last, a teacher of music in Kintore); it is impossible to determine whether any were by the fiddle-tune writing Taylor. Another Elgin violinist, Thomas Taylor, may have been a brother. (Baptie)

Sources authored by

Title Year
A Collection of Strathspeys and Reels together with a Set of Scotch Quadrilles [1835?]
A Collection of Strathspeys & Reels [1845?]