Hamilton, John

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Hamilton (1761-1814) was a prolific Edinburgh publisher of sheet music, the main publisher of Aberdeen organist John Ross's tunes, and friend of the Chambers publishing family (Kidson). Since John Ross moved from Newcastle-upon-Tyne to Aberdeen by the age of 20, any close connection with the older Edinburgh publisher Robert Ross, whose collection Hamilton reprinted, seems unlikely. An editor, compiler and poet, Hamilton reportedly wrote the words for 'Up in the Morning Early'. (Baptie) He traded from 24 North Bridge Street c.1795-1810; and 26 Princes Street c.1812-13 (Humphries & Smith).

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Title Year
The Caledonian Museum (Hamilton) 1810
A Choice Collection of Scots Reels [1799-1811]
A Complete Repository of Old and New Scotch Strathspeys, Reels & Jigs, Adapted for the German Flute. [1802]