The Lady's Banquet. Fourth Book
by John Walsh

Full title: The Lady's Banquet. Fourth Book : being a choice collection of ... Lessons for the Harpsicord or Spinnet, compos'd by the most eminent Masters. Together with several Minuets and Marches, etc.

Publisher: London: John Walsh

Printer: Printed for I. Walsh

Edition: 2nd

Date: [1734?]


GB-DUcl holds an incomplete copy, 26 p., for which Gore supplied a provisional title A Collection of Scots, Irish & other airs, in the absence of a titlepage. He suggested a date c.1735.
This copy has a letter from Aloys Fleischmann pasted in the cover, about the identification of the volume, quoting Grove 5 on 'Folk Music - Irish' which attributes the volume to Wright. However, it is in fact the second edition of Walsh's The Lady's Banquet, Vol.4, comprising two of Walsh's own books of country dances: Thirty New and Choice Country Dances Set for the Harpsicord or Spinnet, The Dances Perform'd at Court and publick Entertainments, Being a delightful and Entertaining Collection (1731, Walsh catalogue); and A Second Collection of Thirty New and Choice Country Dances Set for the Harpsicord or Spinnet, The Dances Perform'd at Court and Publick Entertainments. Being a delightful and Entertaining Collection. Consisting of Irish, Welch, & Scotch Tunes (1732, Walsh catalogue). The tunes are numbered in two separate but intertwined sequences, as the two publications were printed together with one on the verso of the other. The title and number typefaces differ slightly, as does the repertoire.
Three short keyboard airs at the end of the GB-DUcl copy are originally from yet another publication. Fragmentary ink notes on 1st page include 'Nova Scotia'!


This is a comparatively rare collection combining English, Scottish, Irish and Welsh material for popular consumption, and forms part of a series intended as easy keyboard repertoire for domestic use.
J. Murdoch Henderson notes 'Princess Royal' as 'by Carolan?', and also that some tunes are in James Oswald's Caledonian Pocket Companion.
There is a variety of basslines, some continuo-like single lines, some with chords. 'Role the Rumple Sawny' (p.15) bass has oscillating thirds, like Mackintosh.
The book includes Black, Blue, White and Royal 'Joaks'.

Orientation: landscape


Gore: W7

Biographical info: John Walsh (1665-1636) was active c.1692-1736. He was a very prolific London publisher and musical instrument maker. He published country dances amongst a much wider repertoire. His son John (1709-1766) was active c.1736-1766. Their shops were at various times At the Golden Harp and Hautboy (or Harp and Hautboy, Harp and Hoboy), Catherine Street (Catharine Street), Strand. (Humphries & Smith, 321-322; ODNB).


Aberdeen University Library
Birmingham University Library
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National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh
Edinburgh City Library
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Mitchell Library, Glasgow
Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Glasgow
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British Library, London
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Saint Andrews University Library
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GB-DUcl H.53676
GB-Lbl R.M.7.e.17.(4) (The Lady's Banquet Fourth Book, 2nd edition)
GB-Lbl e.5.r.(2) (Thirty New and Choice Country Dances, 1731)
GB-Lbl d.203.b (A Second Collection of Thirty New and Choice Country Dances, 1732)

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