Oswald, James

Biographical info

Oswald was born in Crail in 1710, and died in Knebworth, Hertfordshire, in 1769. He was a musician and dancing master in Dunfermline, then went to Edinburgh, where he was a composer, publisher, cellist, and teacher. He moved to London in 1741, where he was a well-connected teacher, publisher, active in Society of the Temple of Apollo, and appointed Chamber Composer to the king in 1761. (Alburger; Grove)

Sources authored by

Title Year
The Caledonian Pocket Companion [1745-1760]
A Curious Collection of Scots Tunes [1740]
A Collection of Curious Scots Tunes [1742-43]
A Second Collection of Curious Scots Tunes [1743?]
A Collection of 43 Scot's Tunes with Variations [1795?]
A Collection of Musick by Several Hands [1736]