Gow, Nathaniel

Biographical info

Niel Gow (1727-1807), father of the famous Gow family, lived in Inver near Dunkeld. (Glen 2, viii-xiv; Grove; Alburger; Murdoch, 41-48) Gow's fourth son Nathaniel (1763-1831), violinist and Edinburgh publisher, was perhaps the most famous of the siblings; but his brothers William, John and Andrew also traded in music (John and Andrew in London). Nathaniel's son, Niel Junr., lived 1795-1823.

Sources authored by

Title Year
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A Select Collection of Original Dances [1815?]
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A Collection of Strathspey Reels [1797?]
Three Favorite New Strathspeys [1801?]
The Union [1801?]
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The Marquis of Queensberry's Medley 1811
The Vocal Melodies of Scotland [1810-1820?]
Callar Herring
Shantruse [1801-1811]
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